Chapter 8: From Girl to Woman

This chapter contains sexually explicit content. Reader discretion is advised.

Melody tightened her arms around Daniel’s back. His tongue explored her mouth with such excitement, and yet was gentle at the same time. She reciprocated his excitement. She felt a tingle go up her spine as he moved his lips from her mouth and gently kissed and sucked on her neck. She let out a sigh of satisfaction. She could feel his erection getting bigger with every kiss and touch. She’d never felt like this before. The raging passion burning inside of her was almost more than she can stand. She moved her hands to cup his face. Her gaze met his. Both of their breathing was heavy.

“Are you OK, Melody?” Daniel asked. His hands were exploring her backside while her hands were still cupping his face.

“I’m fine. I’m just…..I mean….I’ve never felt like this before,” confessed Melody.

“Do you want me to stop?” Daniel had a serious look on his face. “I don’t want to push you if you’re uncomfortable.” Melody wasn’t uncomfortable and she definitely didn’t want him to stop.

“No,” cried Melody. “I don’t want you to stop. I don’t ever want you to stop.” Daniel smiled and passionately kissed Melody before picking her up in his arms and carried her to the Old House.

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Chapter 6: Summer Love

Barnabas paced anxiously in the drawing room waiting for Melody and Quentin to return from the Blue Whale. A million thoughts clouded his mind. Was she OK? What if Quentin went off without her? What if she got drunk and fell off the pier? Barnabas was completely lost in his all consuming thoughts that he didn’t hear Julia walk down the stairs and enter the drawing room.

“Are you going to stay up all night waiting for her?” Julia huffed as she walked towards Barnabas with a concerning look on her face. Barnabas turned to face his wife who was wearing a pink, flowing nightgown that complemented her skin tone. Barnabas took Julia in his arms.

“I’m just wanting to make sure she gets home OK. That’s what a father does,” Barnabas stated after his kissed his wife. Julia put her head on his chest and let him caress her hair. Julia knew that holding him always calmed Barnabas down no matter how worried he became. This time was no different. Julia could feel his body begin to relax and his breathing begin to slow. “I know I worry too much, but she’s still my little baby no matter how old she is.” Julia held Barnabas a little closer.

“I know, darling. She’s my baby too, but we have to let go sometime.” Julia and Barnabas were lost in each other’s embrace when they heard the front door swing open. Barnabas let go of Julia and walked to the foyer. He was relieved to see Melody and Quentin entering. He was even more happy to see Melody unharmed. Julia came up behind Barnabas and clasped his hand.

“Melody! Sweet dear. You’re home,” Barnabas announced. “Tell me, did you have a good time tonight?” Barnabas let go of Julia’s hand and motioned Melody to come to him for a hug. Melody lingered over to her father for a hug. Barnabas could immediately tell something was wrong. “Melody, what’s wrong? You seem upset.”

“Let’s just say her first trip to the Blue Whale wasn’t a pleasant one,” Quentin responded while putting up his sports coat. Barnabas looked down at Melody who could tell she had been crying.

“I’m OK, dad. Really, I am,” Melody squeaked while holding her father. “It’s just….” Melody resumed crying into her father’s chest. Julia placed a hand on her daughter’s back and comforted her. Barnabas and Julia gave Quentin an icy look.

“I demand to know what happened to her? You were supposed to look out for her!” Barnabas raised his voice at Quentin. Quentin puffed out his chest and came closer to Barnabas.

“In fact, cousin, I didn’t do anything. It was Daniel Loomis and Andrew Beaumont who caused all the trouble by starting a fight in the bar. They both were asked to leave the bar, and I got Melody out of there before she could get hurt,” Quentin responded while looking Barnabas dead in the eyes. Barnabas softened his tone with Quentin.

“I’m sorry, Quentin. I should not have accused you. Please accept my apologies,” Barnabas replied. Quentin patted his cousin on the back.

“It’s OK, Barnabas. I understand. I got defensive myself tonight.” Barnabas nodded his head and escorted Melody into the drawing room with Julia beside him and Quentin tailing behind. Barnabas sat Melody down on the couch beside him and cuddled her.

“What happened, love?”

“Well, I was talking with Daniel and this Andrew guy came up and starting hitting on me. I guess Daniel doesn’t like this guy, and before I knew it, they were fighting on the floor,” Melody stated while Barnabas wiped her tears away. “It was awful. I thought they were going to kill each other!” Barnabas pushed the hair out of his daughter’s face and kissed her forehead.

“Well, It’s over now and you’re home safe,” Julia responded as she sat next to Melody on the couch. “I’m sure it scared you and it really wasn’t the good time you had in mind. I’m glad Quentin was there to stop the fight and get you home.” Julia nodded towards Quentin and he raised his glass of brandy towards her.

“No problem, Julia. I’d do anything for my squirt.” Quentin downed his brandy in one drink. “Although, Daniel and Melody did look like they were getting along quite well.” Quentin raised his eyebrows towards Melody while smirking at her. Melody’s eyes lit up when she heard Daniel’s name. Her body shivered when she remembered his green eyes looking into hers. “I think she was quite smitten with him.” Barnabas looked at Melody sternly.

“Melody, is this true?” Barnabas had a “lecture” tone to his voice. Julia looked at her husband with disbelief.

“Barnabas!” Julia whispered. She couldn’t believe that after everything Melody went through tonight he would have the audacity to ask her such a question. “This is not the time.”

“It’s OK, mom. Really.” Melody turned to her mother giving her a reassuring glare. “Yes it is. I think he’s….fascinating. I’d like to know more about him.” Julia smirked at Melody. She knew exactly what her daughter meant and what she was feeling. She had the same feeling when she first met Barnabas back in 1967. She was intrigued medically and personally by this “distant cousin” from England who she knew was somehow connected to Maggie’s condition. After she found out his secret, he became more alluring and mysterious. Before she knew it, she was falling in love with him. The more she was around him, the more she fell for him. She knew she couldn’t tell anyone, but she was the kind that wore her heart on her sleeve. After 4 years of being “friends,” the family and the whole town knew how they felt about each other, even if they denied it.

“I think it’s wonderful, and it’s a good thing to learn about a person before deciding to be their friend,” Julia responded, but she knew that Melody didn’t want to be just friends with Daniel. She wanted more.

“I guess so, but be careful,” Barnabas warned. “I don’t want you hurt. If you do have…feelings for him, I don’t want him to take advantage of you.”

“DAD! We’re not getting married or anything. I just met him. Can’t he just be my friend?” Melody looked at her dad with her wide, green eyes. Barnabas hugged his daughter.

“Yes, dear. You can be friends. I think you are more than capable of picking out good friends,” Barnabas responded.

“Well, I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed now,” Melody stated as she was getting up off the couch. She hugged and kissed her parents and Quentin goodnight before going upstairs to her room. Barnabas, Julia, and Quentin talked for a bit in the drawing room before going to bed themselves.

“You don’t think she’ll fall in love this guy, do you Julia?” Barnabas asked as they entered their bedroom. Julia turned to her husband and kissed him. The memories of when she first met Barnabas had her reeling with passion.

“I don’t know, sweetie. But I do know that I love you and I love showing you how much I love you.” Julia pulled her husband into the bedroom and quickly shut the door behind them.

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Chapter 5: Beautiful Stranger(s)

Melody enjoyed the day roaming the grounds of Collinwood. Julia joined her when she went to look at the greenhouse and pool. Julia and Melody were impressed by the work that was done to restore the dilapidated buildings! Julia talked with Melody about when she first arrived at Collinwood and how the greenhouse and pool were in total disrepair to the point no one could go in them. The two ladies enjoyed a walk along the beach of Widow’s Hill before returning home for supper.¬†After supper, the family retired to the drawing room. Quentin came in last and stood next to Melody who was sitting in the chair next to the fireplace.

“Guess who’s got a date with the most handsome man in Collinsport tonight?” Quentin announced loudly turning to Melody. Melody looked at him quite puzzled as he smiled at her.

“Who Quentin,” asked Roger pouring brandy for himself. “The town Jezebel?” Liz gave Roger a disgusted look before returning to her brandy.

“Now, don’t you call my squirt a Jezebel, Roger. She’s far from it,” Quentin replied patting Melody on the back. Melody looked shocked when Quentin announced he’d be taking her out for the evening. “Yes, Melody, you’ve won an all expenses paid trip to the Blue Whale Tavern with me, Mr. Quentin.” Barnabas’s eyes widened and his back straightened out.

“The Blue Whale!” Barnabas cried. “No, not there. That’s not a place for her to be. She’s too young.” Barnabas looked over at Julia for validation, but all he got was an icy look from his bride.

“Dad! I’m not a child anymore! Besides, nothing is going to happen to me. Quentin will be there to protect me,” Melody said as she looked up at her favorite cousin. Quentin smiled at Melody and then looked back at Barnabas.

“That’s right, Barney! I’m her protector. I will not let anything happen to her,” Quentin teased Barnabas knowing he hates being called Barney. “She’s in good hands. I took her to a Michael Jackson concert for crying out loud! You know you can trust me.” Barnabas looked at Julia who was being unusually silent. He thought for sure Julia would have objected to this outing.

“Julia! Aren’t you going to say something?” Barnabas asked his wife. Julia looked up from her drink at Barnabas and then at Melody.

“Go have a good time, honey,” Julia stated smiling at Melody. “Just be careful.” Barnabas was astounded! He couldn’t believe what was coming out of his wife’s mouth!

Have a good time, honey. Just be careful.

“JULIA!” Barnabas cried. Julia was taken back by the tone Barnabas was using with her. “I’m shocked you would permit this. Don’t you see anything wrong with her going to the Blue Whale?” Barnabas started to walk towards Julia. Julia knew this walk before. She knew he was about to get confrontational with her. Julia stood up to meet his advance.

“As a matter of fact, I don’t see anything wrong with her going out to the Blue Whale,” Julia replied. “She’s an adult now and I trust her completely. We’ve raised an intelligent young woman who can make good decisions.” Julia stood her ground with Barnabas. She could feel his anger and objection coming off of his body. “Don’t you trust your own daughter?”

“Yeah, daddy. Don’t you trust me?” Melody asked with a slight whine in her voice. By this time, the whole family was looking at Barnabas with a look of disappointment. Of course he trusted his daughter. It was other people he couldn’t trust. Barnabas walked over to his daughter, helped her out of the chair, and held her.

“Of course I trust you, darling. Don’t ever think that for a minute,” Barnabas quietly said to his daughter. “It’s other people I don’t trust. Especially the young men. They only have one thing on their mind.” Barnabas held his daughter a little closer.

“Don’t worry, Barnabas! I’ll keep a good eye on her. No one’s going to hurt her,” quipped Quentin as he walked toward the foyer. “Besides, if anyone tries to hurt my squirt, they’ll have to deal with me.” Quentin gave Melody a wink. “Well, my dear, shall we go?”

Melody hugged and said goodbye to her mother and father before joining Quentin in the foyer. Holding out his arm for his young cousin, Melody linked arms with Quentin as he ushered her out to his car. He opened the door for her and helped her in the car. Looking out the window as the drove off, Barnabas worried about his young daughter. Sure, he trusted Quentin to watch out for her and protect her, but still something in his soul knew something would happen to her tonight that would change her life forever.

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Chapter 4: Family History

The Collins’ enjoyed a scrumptious meal made by their cook, Eugenia. Sadly, Mrs. Johnson suffered a stroke two years ago and passed away. She is sorely missed by the family, and they cherish the memories they had with her. Eugenia is a world class cook who specializes in French, Italian, and Mexican cuisines. Her desserts have won prizes at the county fair in the summertime. Needless to say, she is very well loved by the family. After dinner, the men retired to the study to continue talking business while the women retired to the drawing room for coffee and conversation. The children were ushered upstairs by the governess, Samantha, to get ready for bed.

“Say, Hallie, where’s your uncle? Does he still live in the cottage?” Julia asked ask she entered the drawing room with the others.

“Oh, he went to New York City to give a presentation on the supernatural. He’ll be back in three days. He does regret he wasn’t here to greet you,” Hallie responded. “And he actually lives here at Collinwood. Since David opened and restored all the wings of the house, we gave my uncle part of the East Wing.”

“Oh, how fascinating! I’d love to hear about his adventures when he gets back,” Julia replied. “Barnabas and I have read many of his books, and I’m glad to see they’ve gained such popularity.”

“Yes, he is very proud of his work…as am I.”

“I bet you are.”

Melody entered the room with Max after taking him for a brief walk outside. “Looks like it’s about to storm. I’m glad we got inside just in time,” Melody announced as she took a seat next to her mother. “Did I miss anything.”

Julia took Melody under her arm and kissed her forehead. “Not really. We were just discussing Hallie’s uncle, Professor Stokes. He’s giving a presentation in New York City on the supernatural.”

“Oh, I see. I don’t really believe in all that stuff. There’s really no such thing as ghosts and monsters. It’s all a Hollywood fantasy made up to make money,” Melody stated. Her mother tried so hard not to laugh at the statement. Oh! If she only knew what she and her father went through before Melody was born.

“Well, there’s spooks here in the house!” Carolyn cried. “Although, there aren’t as many as there were before, but strange things have happened here. Hauntings, occult happenings, monsters. It’s all true.” Melody looked at her older cousin like she was on some sort of drugs.

“Well, you can believe what you want to believe, but there’s no such thing as the supernatural.” Melody said while sipping her tea. Julia looked at her daughter with a slight smile before returning to her own tea.

“So, Melody, your mother tells us you’re going to Yale in the fall to study Pre-Veterinary medicine. That’s so exciting!” Elizabeth stated quickly changing the topic. “You’re a very intelligent young woman, and if you’re anything like your parents, you’ll excel in that field. Tell me. Will you be specializing in any specific kind of animal?”

“I don’t know yet. I really love all animals, so I will probably just be an all around Veterinarian.” Melody replied. “It’s really what I wanted to do since I was a child. From having Max, saving strays from the streets, and riding my horses, I have a deep love for animals.”

“Oh, you ride? How fantastic!” Hallie stated. “We have a stable full of Thoroughbred horses in the stables. Maybe we can ride this summer!”

“I’d love that!” Melody replied as she stretched her back. “I’m beat. Mother, may I go to my room? I’m awfully tired.”

“Sure, darling. You’ve had a really long day,” Julia said while standing up to hug her daughter. “Goodnight, love. Sweet dreams.”

“Night mama. See you in the morning. C’mon Max. Time for bed” Melody stated while hugging her mom. Max jumped up and stood by Melody’s side waiting for the cue to move. Melody padded Max’s head, they followed Carolyn up the staircase to Melody’s room.

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Chapter 3: Homecoming

It was a bright, summer day in June. Barnabas was driving his black Bentley towards Collinsport. Julia was in the passenger side reading over patient files. Barnabas could never figure out how Julia could read in the car and not get car sick! She continues to amaze him everyday! Their daughter, Melody, was in the backseat with her Walkman listening to New Kids on the Block. Her head was bobbing back and forth to the music as she looked out the window at the nature that was zooming past them. Barnabas looked in his rear view mirror at Melody who was now lip syncing and doing dance moves to the music. A big smile came across Barnabas’s face, but it suddenly went to a frown upon thinking about Melody moving away for college in the fall. His frown did not go unnoticed as a slender hand came across his thigh and patted him gently.

“You OK, darling?” Julia asked. Barnabas nodded as he eyed his beautiful wife.

“I just can’t believe she’s all grown up. I’m excited for her future, but I’m not ready to let go”, Barnabas confessed to Julia. Julia smiled at her husband and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

“I know. I feel the same way, but we’ve raised such a wonderful young woman. We should be proud.”

Just then, Barnabas felt two arms go around his shoulders. Soon he saw the outline of Melody’s hair at his side.

“You’re talking about me again, aren’t you daddy?” Melody asked.

“Yes baby. We’re always talking about you. How are you feeling about going to Collinwood? Are you still excited?” Barnabas asked.

“Yes! I’m super excited to finally see this house and meet the rest of my family!” Melody exclaimed. Her excitement woke up their dog, Max, from a deep sleep. He sat up and licked Melody’s face. “MAX! You’re finally awake!” Melody was excited that David Collins allowed her to bring Max with her because she was anxious about leaving him at a boarding facility for the summer. Although Elizabeth was still living, she turned over all the estate over to David who was now Master of Collinwood. She figured she was getting too old to handle business affairs and run the estate and David was just at the right age to take over the family business.

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Chapter 2: Growing Up Collins

March 1972 – May 1990

The next eighteen years just flew by for Barnabas and Julia. Ever since they brought home their baby girl, it was a constant parade of changing diapers, being up with her at all hours of night, teaching her right from wrong, feedings, and play times. Needless to say, Melody was the apple of Julia and Barnabas’s eyes. They doted over their baby night and day giving her everything she would ever want and need as a baby.

As Melody grew into a toddler and child, Barnabas and Julia enrolled her in dance classes, swimming classes, piano lessons, and began her on an early education track offered by one of the daycare’s in the greater Boston area. This daycare helped children grow intellectually and helped them get into a private school that Julia and Barnabas wanted to send their daughter. Melody excelled at anything she did! If she struggled with anything, she just kept trying until she got it right. Barnabas credits Julia for giving their daughter the trait of perseverance. Although, Julia credits Barnabas for giving their daughter grace, elegance, and classiness as Melody was, for the most part, a perfect little lady. Sure, she had her moments. She was still a child after all.

Barnabas & Julia made a conscious effort to raise a strong, independent young woman who was soft at heart. More importantly, they wanted to shield her from the horrors of her family’s past until she was old enough to understand. Both Barnabas & Julia decided that Melody would not visit Collinwood until she was eighteen years old and graduated from high school, even though it always pained Barnabas to leave his daughter behind when he needed to visit with Roger or David for business purposes.

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Chapter 1: The Birth

March 21, 1972

Barnabas paced anxiously in the waiting room. Sweat was dripping from his brow to due worry about his wife and unborn child and from the lack of air conditioning in the room with other anxious fathers-to-be. He thought to himself that he hasn’t been this anxious since Julia told him she was pregnant. Being a woman of her age, pregnancy was risky, but it was a risk both expecting parents were willing to make. And even though worried thoughts dominated his mind, Barnabas still smiled at the memories of the past nine months and how excited he and his wife were to have a child. They were so excited that the soon-to-be parents cancelled the remainder of their worldwide trip and headed back to the United States. Both Barnabas and Julia didn’t want to bring their child up in Collinsport and Collinwood due to the family’s negative view from the townspeople and the strange happenings at Collinwood, even though Collinwood was calm and quiet when they left for the Orient to be married.

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Welcome to “My Father’s Daughter”, A Dark Shadows Fan Fiction. I’m excited for you to be here! This is a fan fiction about the daughter of Barnabas & Dr. Julia Hoffman-Collins, Melody Collins. She has been shielded from the horrors of Collinwood and her parents’ past, until she was eighteen-years-old and graduated from high school. Mr. & Dr. Collins decide to take their young daughter to Collinwood for the summer before Melody went off for college to study Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Will she be the next victim of the Collins curse? Will she discover the horrors of Collinwood? Will she know the truth about her father, mother, and other members of the family?

You’ll just have to read to find out…….

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