Welcome to “My Father’s Daughter” Fan Fiction blog! I’m so excited you’ve decided to visit and read my fan fiction! I’m a devoted Dark Shadows fan (some might say I’m obsessed), and I’m even a bigger Barnabas and Julia pairing fan! I always thought these two should be together, and since it didn’t happen on the show I’ve decided to write my version of what would’ve happened if they did end up a pair.

The inspiration for “My Father’s Daughter” came from my imagination of how life would’ve been if Barnabas and Julia married and had a daughter. I imagined what their daughter would’ve looked like, sounded like, and what her personality would be. I thought about how I could integrate the other characters like Quentin Collins, Willie Loomis, Carolyn Stoddard-Hawkins, and others into this story. It’s been a wonderful ride to write this fan fiction for all the Dark Shadows fans and I truly hope they enjoy it!

Thank you for reading! I truly appreciate your support!

Dark Shadows Forever,